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Different Shades of Scapeshift 2019-07-26

Bant Scapeshift managed to break through in Standard. The deck reached its pinnacle in the hands of Luis Scott-Vargas winning GP Denver. It found success in earlier events but now it seems to be an established deck in the meta. I think it's a great and fun to play deck. The play style and patterns it introduces is something that freshens Standard up. I also think that the deck is the strongest when constructed in Bant colors. The cards of the deck play really well together - especially Teferi…


Changes to Nerdy Gamers MTG 2019-07-19

The layout of the site changed as drastically as my approach to the project changed. First my goal was to create an online community for German speaking MTG players. I scratched the idea quickly and switched to English. But the general goal remained. I wanted to create an online MTG community. I wanted to create a platform for MTG fanatics to exchange their thoughts. To write articles was something I planned to do alongside. But I realized something during the first version of Nerdy Gamers MTG…


Deck Building Concepts 1: Building Around a Card 2019-07-19

People are drawn to Magic for various reasons. For some players the flavor and lore behind the game is appealing. Each color of mana in Magic epitomizes an aspect of life for example. Green may allure people who feel a bond with nature. Whereas blue may captivate people striving for knowledge. Perhaps you enjoy freedom or to destroy to make room for something new - in this case you may identify with red. Other people were hooked reading about Urza’s tragic story. Following his adventures they’ve…


A Deck More Than a Meme 2019-05-17

Let me introduce to you a deck that evolved from a fun idea to a serious contender. It’s common for cards to mature from a meme to a Standard viable option. Nobody can evaluate all cards in spoiler season correctly. Every card that appears bad at first glance deserves to be tested. Every Standard legal card from previous sets deserves to be considered again. It often happens that shelved cards surface from the last page of binders, and find their way into Standard decks. Mox Amber didn’t fit in…


The Resurgence of Ramp 2019-05-17

Remember when you started playing Magic. Remember the decks and cards you considered powerful. Remember the lines of play you thought were skillful. Now compare those memories with your knowledge of the game today. I dare to say that we were all fools when we started playing Magic. My first contact with Magic was at the age of twelve. Most of my friends were into Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh! and so was I. We didn’t care about the game we just loved to collect little artworks of our favorite shows. There…


Content for New Players 2019-05-17

NOTE: This translation was done by Google Translate and just sporadically edited to save time. So don't expect the best English. The basic rules of Magic: The Gathering are learned quickly. But this game is designed to be very complex. Therefore you can consume Magic content 24/7. Be it new decks in different formats, general strategies, or special tips and tricks and interactions, there is always something new. Magic: The Gathering is in a constant state of flux, which continually creates new…